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Santa Cocktail Club


Immersed in the enchanting setting of Florence's Piazza Santa Maria NovellaSanta Cocktail Club embodies the elegance of the city and the artistry behind its distinctive cocktails.

Each visit is a sensory journey: from the meticulous selection of liquors and distillates to the artisanal preparation of fruit and flower reductions, each drink becomes a unique visual and savory experience.

The inspiration for the cocktails comes from the history and artisanal mastery of Santa Maria Novella Square, with a strong focus on sustainability. Avoiding the use of plastic, the focus is on uniquely shaped glassware and high quality ingredients.

The commitment to excellence is reflected in the constant search for the finest distillates and liquors, creating appealing and unique blends for each customer.

In the bar's kitchen, tradition and innovation blend seamlessly.

Simple yet refined ingredients merge with international culinary influences to create an engaging and memorable gastronomic experience for all who enter the doors of Santa Cocktail Club.