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Piazza Santa Maria Novella

How to reach us

Piazza Santa Maria Novella is a pedestrian zone, our guests can drive right up to the entrance.

After your arrival, The Hotel Staff will arrange for your car to be parked in our partner garage and issue a temporary, retroactive permit for access to the historic town center.

Parking costs € 35 per night €48 for SUVs, sports or luxury cars and includes a valet parking service.

Your car will be delivered to you about 15-20 minutes after you request it.

Is it possible to reach the historic center by leaving the car outside the city?

This opportunity exists and is called "Villa Costanza Parking" for which a specific exit from the highway was built with the name of the parking lot itself.
The Villa Costanza car park is directly connected to the terminal of the T1 Leonardo line of the tramway. In just 22 minutes you will arrive at the Santa Maria Novella station, in the heart of the historic center of Florence. Trams leave every 6/8 minutes. Costs: 24 hours € 7 or 7 days cost € 20

The tram will stop you at only 150 meters from the Hotel.
Additional information is available on their web site:

How can I reach the hotel if I decide I want to arrive by car?

Wether you are driving from the North or from the South it is recommended to reach Viale Belfiore which is one of the main streets of the "Viali" of Florence. Viale Belfiore is currently the only valid street that will enable you to access the historic center.

Once there please follow carefully the instructions listed below:
Along Viale Belfiore you will find a traffic divider,Keep on the left. Once you turn left you will then enter the street “Viale Fratelli Rosselli”. Keep your vehicle on the right hand side and reach the first lights.
At this point, keeping your vehicle on the right and after almost 100 meters you will come to a traffic light; at this point you must turn right to enter in “Via Jacopo da Diacceto”. Once you enter Via Jacopo da Diacceto you will be in the direction of the Central Station and therefore at a short distance from the hotel.
Continue straight until the end of Via Jacopo da Diacceto. Then continue on your right to enter Via Luigi Alamanni. At this point you will be leaving the Santa Maria Novella station on your left.
At the end of Via Alamanni, keeping your vehicle on the right you will find a traffic light where you must turn right and enter Via Santa Caterina da Siena.
At the end of Via Santa Caterina da Siena, keeping your vehicle on the left, you will find a traffic light where you must turn left. Turning left you will enter Via della Scala.
At this point, just drive straight another 200 meters to arrive in Piazza Santa Maria Novella which you will find on your left. Once you reach the end of Via della Scala, turn left once you see the Hotel Roma. Once you have crossed the whole square on your right you will find the Hotel. Please be aware that Piazza Santa Maria Novella is a pedestrian square, however, it is allowed to transit for taxis and especially for vehicles of hotel guests.
Please drive through this square very moderately up to the front of our hotel.

For all those who decide to arrive by car in the historic center, how do I manage the ZTL and the parking of my vehicle?

In case you decide to enter the historic center of Florence with your car, there are some important precautions to which you must pay attention. The historic center is regulated by a so-called ZTL, or restricted traffic area therefore once you enter the ZTL, it will be necessary to register the vehicles’ license plate.

To do this, we recommend the use of a private garage, which is allowed to register your car access on a special web site of the municipality. Thanks to this registration, the transit you have made will be canceled and therefore no fines will be reported.

Can I use the preferential lanes in Florence?

For no reason the transit on this type of lane is allowed, especially in Florence where the transit is supervised by cameras. The registration that is carried out by the car park service relieves the license plate and the driver from any responsibility related to the transit in the ZTL but does not authorize you to transit in this type of so-called preferential lanes. We remind you that the transit through a preferential lane is by itself regulated by the traffic laws & codes and for this reason the route we suggest will not drive you throughout streets of this type.

Guests arriving on Frecciarossa/Argento or Italo high speed trains to and from Milan, Rome and Venice, and other cities of Italy, arrive at Florence’s main station, Santa Maria Novella, and can easily walk to the hotel from there.

By air to Florence’s Amerigo Vespucci Airport: guests may take a shuttle bus that runs to Florence’s city center (in about 30 minutes). Taxis are also available (about 15 minutes, approximate costs: 20-25 euros). For private transportation options, please contact our Concierge By air to Pisa’s Galileo Galilei International Airport: we suggest taking a direct train to Florence’s Santa Maria Novella Station. For private transportation options, please contact our Concierge.