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Santa Cocktail Club - Roma

Eat & Drink

Santa Cocktail Club Roma, located on the hotel's terrace, offers our guests an unparalleled experience with unique views of monuments such as the Pantheon and the Altare della Patria.

The fifth-floor terrace provides the ideal setting to enjoy expertly crafted cocktails in a meticulously curated environment: glasses that are unique in feel and shape, warm and inviting lighting, and refined and minimalist furnishings.

The blending of premium spirits and sophisticated distillates, combined with in-house reductions of seasonal fruits and botanicals, results in distinctive and custom drinks.

The careful and passionate selection of ingredients gives each cocktail an immersive sensory experience, creating a feeling of something never experienced before.

The cocktail selection is complemented by a delightful assortment of finger foods and gourmet tastings, thoughtfully prepared by the chef to create a harmonious and satisfying culinary experience.