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Safety Informations 2

Safety Informations

In order to welcome our guests with the customary professionalism and courtesy, while trying to ensure their safety, the hotel reopens after a thorough sanitation of all the common areas and rooms. We will carry out the sanitation of the usable spaces and of all the surfaces twice for every work shift (6 times a day).

All Wtb Hotels staff members will follow a well-defined protocol for sanitation and disinfection. We have requested to all our suppliers (food and beverage supplies, laundries, garages and valet service) that their internal protocol must ensures us of the same protection and be in compliance with the new current regulations.

  • The main entrance of the hotel has two doors that will be marked separately: one for entry and one for exit. There will be a directional belt separator running from the entrance towards the hall.
  • A stand with disinfectant gel, masks and gloves will be present at the entrance with informative signs (respect the social distance of one meter, wear a mask, sanitize your hands frequently).
  • Horizontal waiting indicator has been placed in front of the reception.
  • The Guests wait at the entrance for the his or her turn and will use the first available plexiglas station, if accompanied by the family, the whole family may approach the station.
    Sinks, soap dispensers, door knobs and toilets will be frequently sanitized
  • The breakfast hall can be accessed either with an elevator or using the stairs, it has a separate entrance and exit.
  • Access to the hall is allowed only to Guests wearing a mask.
  • Access to the hall for the staff is allowed only wearing a mask and gloves.
  • Safety distance: the seating on the tables will be on one side only, families may occupy one table.
  • The windows of the hall will be open in order to allow proper aeration.
  • Each Guest will be welcomed upon arrival, accompanied to the table and can contact the staff to request the products displayed on the buffet (single portions) the rest can be ordered from the menu.
  • Table tops will be sanitized twice during the service with a special sanitizing product. At the end of the breakfast service, the entire hall will be cleaned and sanitized with special products.
  • The Bar has a separate entrance and exit.
  • Dispensers with disinfectant will be available upon entry of external guests, internal and external tables will be reduced in order to maintain safety distances.
  • At the end of each table service, each seat and the table will be disinfected and sanitized for the next Guest.
  • The staff working at the bar will sanitize the bar counter and all surfaces several times during the service with a sanitizing product, these actions will be registered on the an appropriate log book.

The button panel is covered with a special film for sanitizing.
Sanitizing Gel will be available near the elevator of each floor 

  • The room will be aerated, cleaned, sanitized and checked by our housekeeping manager as normally done.
  • The products used for sanitation and disinfection comply with current regulations; the ozone machine will be used to sanitize the room upon Guests' departure.
  • Amenities such as: kettle, ironing set, folders, pencils, shoe horn, linen bag and linen list and decorative items such as: carpets, decorative cushions and square bed cushions will be supplied upon request in plastic bags after being sanitized, with the exception of the ironing board which will be sanitized before delivery.
  • The TV remote controls will be sanitized and packed in special disposable cases and will be replaced at each departure.
  • Single-dose bathroom amenities.
  • Hair dryer, coat hangers, wrapped slippers and folded bedside rug are available inside the wardrobe. 
  • In the Minibar there are 2 bottles of water available for free for our guests.
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Lido Beach Experience
Spend a day at “The Lido”, the charming and elegant island that separates the Venetian lagoon from the Adriatic Sea.
Lido Beach Experience
Spend a day at “The Lido”, the charming and elegant island that separates the Venetian lagoon from the Adriatic Sea.