L'O Watch

L’O Watch was born from an idea by Sandro and Giulio Fratini, the second and third generation of the famous Fratini family of entrepreneurs that first founded the historical Rifle Italian jeans brand in 1958. This brand new line of wristwatches is a tip of the hat to Sandro Fratini’s passion for collecting watches. Sandro Fratini’s personal collection of over two thousand watches is one of the most famous in the world, and even led him to create a chain of boutique hotels located in Florence, Venice and soon Rome, entirely dedicated to the theme of watches. After the hotels, Sandro’s next project is L’O Watch. Just like the hotels, L’O Watch shares the name, the logo and an immense love for the world of watchmaking. The result is a personal tribute to wristwatches that combines a personal pleasure with the joy of creating something that everyone can appreciate and love, as is reflected in their own words: “This is a love affair that, unlike so many that begin at sunset, is lit by the magical light of the moon. In fact, we had the idea for creating a watch that included all the features that we saw as essential – light, soft, in a sophisticated retro style but with a strong sense of innovation – at nighttime. It absolutely had to be a World Time watch, with the refined touch of Breguet in the hour markers, which have always been the symbol of a “handmade” watch by a master watchmaker. A symbol of a time that perhaps has never passed, but has somehow brought us to the present and the future. With L’O, our watch, we tried to offer our dream to everyone who wants to wear it, all while the attentive moon looks on .”

An irreverent moon

“The irreverent moon is a parody of those who are always ready to laugh at themselves; it unequivocally marks the constant effort to belong to an increasingly fantastic world and escape from a reality that is not ours. The constant desire to dream allows us to explore worlds and places that are impossible to find for those without imagination, who fail to meet the obstacles they encounter with the true determination of those who want to fly.”

Eight colours and two limited editions

L’O Watch is available in 8 colours: from super classic navy, dark brown, British racing green, Bordeaux, optical white all the way to khaki, cobalt and purple. It is also available in gold and silver versions in a special limited edition. The dial is embellished by the Breguet style hour markers that are a synonym of craftsmanship, along with the cities that represent each world time. The strap and the case are a single block of interchangeable super-soft silicon, decorated with crocodile print that lends the watch a refined and sophisticated look.

Product description

PC case, glossy finish. Diameter ø 43 mm – Case thickness 13 mm – PC glass – Dial opening ø 32 mm –Matte dial with applied figures – Stainless steel , snap close crown in IP Black – Stainless steel, gloss finish, snap-close back – Miyota 2035 movement – Hour, minute and second hands – “Soft touch” silicone strap with crocodile print finish – Stainless steel IP Black buckle – Water Resistant – Weight 46 g.

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